A message from the Chairperson

Dear Member,

The club would like to invite nominations for the forthcoming Annual General Meeting.

This also serves as notification of the intention to convene the AGM on 29 September 2021. The club will forward the formal AGM notification once we have received the nominations which closes 12 days from issue of this notice. The formal AGM notice (21-day notice) will thus be published to yourselves on 08 September2021 together with the list of nominees for the various positions and the rest of the AGM pack. constitution timelines explanatory note below.


This Constitution contains several timelines around General Meetings, these are linked so changing one can affect others:

•The call for nominations for Board Members is 48 days (see clause 15.1). This allows people 12 days to nominate.

•The close of nominations for Board Members is 35 days as is the call for notices of motion (see clause 15.2(e)). This allows 14 days to prepare the agenda and notices of the meeting.

•The notice of the meeting is to be sent out 21 days in advance (see clause 23(c)), allowing Members 3 weeks to consider the motions and nominees.

As the Club is run by volunteers sufficient time needs to be allowed for each step to be completed. For example, the Club may require Board Members to undertake criminal history checks. If the Club requires more time to complete each step, the time frames set out in this Constitution should be increased.

Please thus complete the attached nomination forms and submit before 24 August 2021.

Yours Sincerely,

Robin Poggenpoel

Chairperson | St. Augustine Cricket Club

COVID-19 Update

Stay safe and prevent a COVID-19 resurgence – A notice from the City of Cape Town

Community hotspots

Community transmission is on the rise, with current caseloads indicating hotspot areas that include:

Unlike the peak, when the country was still in a hard lockdown, there is far more mobility under the current alert level, which means the risk of transmission is greater, and not limited to the suburbs that are experiencing a surge in caseload.

Our healthcare overflow facilities and mobile testing booths remain active; and we stand ready to assist you with COVID-19 screenings, testings and referrals, as well as contact tracing.

  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water, or use sanitiser with an alcohol content of at least 70%
  • Don’t touch your face
  • Wear a mask in public at all times
  • Keep a social distance of at least 1,5 metres
  • Cover your cough
  • If you’re sick, stay at home

Unless it is absolutely necessary, try to avoid large crowds or gatherings. If you must be out in public, please ensure that you follow the COVID-19 Golden Rules:

For detailed information on COVID-19, please visit www.capetown.gov.za/Coronavirus  or call the toll-free provincial COVID-19 hotline for advice on 080 928 1402.

Return To Train/ Play Policy

The points mentioned below are extracts of the Western Province Cricket Association Policy Directive: Return To Train/ Play – Policy Guidelines For Amateur Cricket Under Alert Level 1 Lockdown.

View the full policy here.


All sports around the country and the globe have been hugely impacted by the pandemic, and all sport activities were halted in most countries including South Africa. The government has eased the lockdown restrictions as gazetted in the Alert Level 1 regulations (Gazette 43725 of 18 September 2020) as adapted by Gazette 43727 of 20 September 2020. Sporting activities, including both professional and nonprofessional matches, by recognised sporting bodies, are allowed, subject to the following:

• Directions for sports matches issued by the Cabinet member responsible for sport after consultation with the Cabinet member responsible for health;

• only journalists, radio, television crew, security personnel, emergency medical services, and the necessary employees employed by the owners of the venue of the sport match, are allowed at the venue of the sport match;

• only the required number of players, match officials, support staff and medical crew required for the sport match, are allowed at the venue of the sport match;

• no spectators are allowed at the venue of the sports training/ match; and

• no international sport events are allowed.

In order to comply with the above regulations, it is therefore important that WPCA provides the appropriate guidelines to its affiliates to ensure the resumption of all amateur cricket activities transpire within the parameters of the medical protocols which need to be observed as approved by CSA.

Purpose of these Guidelines

These guidelines are relevant for all amateur related cricket activities stipulated below
as approved by the CSA Members based on the COVID-19 risk assessment conducted
of the venue/ facilities where the “Return to Train/ Return to play” activities will be
conducted in accordance with the phased in approach timelines as stipulated in
paragraph 3 below:

Return to Train: ONE-ON-ONE | SMALL GROUP (max 5 players plus a coach) | SQUAD (Max 13 players plus 2 coaches)

Return to Play: Internal Squad Match Practices | Preseason Friendlies | Official fixtures

Phased in Approach

October 2020

Preseason conditioning of players (4 to 6 weeks).

Important: Injury prevention protocols and proper conditioning of players to resume match activity to be included in periodized coaching program planning.

November and December 2020

Internal squad match practices. | WPCA approved friendly matches based on an application and approval process.

Important: 1. No friendly matches outside Cape Town Metro jurisdiction will be permitted. | 2. Movement of players is only Limited to the Cape Town Metro jurisdiction. | 3. No Tournaments or Festivals of any kind are permitted during this period.

January to April 2021

WPCA official Amateur cricket season as per approved fixtures. | WPCA approved Tournaments or Festivals are permitted based on an application and approval process.

Donations Needed

About the Home: The Douglas Murray Home for the Aged is located in the suburb of Retreat and provides residential care to 70 elderly and frail residents on a 24/7 basis. Almost all of the residents at the home are social pensioners and comes from poor backgrounds and are unable to afford the full board and lodging fee at the home. This has put severe pressure on the home’s operational budget and on its ability to provide effective care for the residents of the home.

How we can help: Donations of: Tinned fish and peas, Spices and rice, Fish oil and salt, Sugar, tea and coffee, Baked beans and sweet corn, Macaroni and spaghetti, Jam and Peanut butter, Mielie meal, Weetbix and Jungle Oats, Face soap and toothpaste, Tomato sauce and mayonnaise, Bleach, dishwasher and Handy Andy

Wish List: Children/adults second hand clothing, Toys, Bric & Bra, Crockery, Even furniture will be appreciated (collections can be arranged)

Contact: Esme Fortuin (Telefundraiser) – Tel: 021 712 2146 – Email: fundraising@douglasmurray.co.za – Website: www.douglasmurray.co.za – Ref: 2018/A3568EF – Click here for directions.

Worcester 2018

Saints on tour…

Congratulations to our u11 and u13 touring sides who attended Feedem Cricket Festival in Worcester this past weekend. You guys have made us all very proud!

A big thank you to the coaches, managers, parents and all those involved in making this annual event such a success. Your hard work has added value to the lives of our next generation!

A special congratulations to our U13’s who were crowned tournament CHAMPIONS!

U11 Team Sheet: Keegan Abrahams, Leyton Abrahams, Ben Thomson, Jemma Botha, Ethan Daniels, Christopher Leak,  Ayden Manuel, Luke Murphy, Jaryd Pinto, Matthew Roberts, Jadon Van Rensberg, Damian Philande

U13 Team Sheet: Jordan Nel, Yaaseen Moos, Graeme Engelbrecht, Fahad Khan, Kyle Williams, Chad Brehem, Wazeer Philander, Ethan Ramsay, Jordan Neill, Joshua Neill, Jarred Barry, Ethan Kenny, Darian Mullins

Saints Cafe

Something new…

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